What is a Roborovski Hamster?

The Roborovski Hamster, also known as the Robo, is the smallest species of domestic hamster. Robos are great in pairs, with energetic and playful personalities.


Physical Info

Robos can grow from 1.8-2 inches long, and are quite hard to handle and tricky to tame. They can live from 2-3 years on average, but occasionally you will get a Robo who lives for 4 years. Though getting a lone Roborovski is alright, they are probably the best option for you if you are looking to keep two or more hamsters in the same cage. Robo sisters/brothers/brother and sister are extremely fun to watch.

There are many different colors of Roborovski Hamsters. Please click HERE if you would like to see which color best suits your liking. (All credits go to er. She has amazing hamster tips and advice so go check out her channel HERE)

Pros and Cons of Getting a Roborovski Hamster


    • Fun to watch
    • Less expensive than larger hamsters because of their need for smaller toys
    • They are social with other hamsters
    • When they are tamed, a strong bond is created between you and your robo
    • Many colors to choose from


    • Very fast
    • Not great pets for children
    • Not very social with humans
    • Don’t like to be handled
    • Take a long time to tame

Thank you for reading this page on hamster101.com. Remember, if this is your first time getting a hamster, make sure to check out my other pages on the other species of domestic hamster before you make your final decision on what hamster to get. Good luck! -Iris


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