What is a Syrian hamster?

The Syrian hamster, also known as the Teddy Bear hamster or the Panda Bear hamster, is the largest, most kid friendly, and most popular species of domestic hamster.


Physical Info

The average Syrian hamster is 5-7 inches long. Because of their length, they need bigger toys than any other domestic hamster species. Their life span ranges from 2-3 years. Syrians are nocturnal, so they are not very active in the daytime.
Syrian coloring can come in many different shades and patterns. Two very popular Syrian coloring’s are completely golden (teddy bear) or black and white (panda bear).

Keep in mind, though, that the panda bear hamster and the teddy bear hamster are names used by pet stores to make buyers more interested. Though the hamster you want to get may have a special name, keep in mind that it is still a Syrian hamster.

Pros and Cons of Getting a Syrian Hamster


    • Great hamsters for beginners and children
    • Calm and cuddly, rarely bite
    • Not very agile, easy to handle
    • Do not take very long to tame
    • Easy to catch if lost


    • Not very active during the day
    • More expensive than other hamsters because of their need for bigger toys
    • Lazier than other hamsters
    • Need big cages
    • Not as fun to watch as other hamsters

Thank you for reading this page on hamster101.com. Remember, if this is your first time getting a hamster, make sure to check out my other pages on the other species of domestic hamster before you make your final decision on what hamster to get. Good luck! -Iris


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